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Media Literacy and Racism in the Media

This week I would like to focus on media literacy and racism in the media.  I will be pulling information from “Critical Race” by Tara J. Yosso, Census data, and YouTube.  In “Critical Race” the author focuses on Hollywood and … Continue reading

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Teaching PA Children Analytical Skills

Last week we discovered that Pennsylvania students are being provided with technology like computers and internet connections within their school. They, too, are likely experiencing regular instruction and usage within their classrooms. This access to the media is the first … Continue reading

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Tools for Media Literacy

Assignment: Media Literacy, developed by Renee Hobbs, is a three-volume, 18-unit set of videos to aid teachers in educating students, elementary through secondary, in media literacy. Below you will see the Middle School Introduction video. (You can find links to … Continue reading

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Targeting Children:  Facing the Marketing Juggernaut As noted in a previous post, children are – for the most part – watching television alone.  On any given day they see 100 commercials for food, clothing, and toys and games.   Advertisers spend … Continue reading

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Media Messages

 Navigating through a maze of media messages at home A 2005 study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Texas Children’s Digital Media Center makes clear that media is a constant presence in the lives of young children. … Continue reading

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Gender-Specific Youth Media Programs

Did you know that about 16,000 ads flicker past our consciousness daily?  Have you ever considered what these messages mean to you?  Or have you ever considered how these messages affect pre-teen and adolescent girls? Check out this great video … Continue reading

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Adolescent Health

                  Media literacy has been seen as a new approach to helping young people make good decisions regarding their health.  Being observant of media is as important as the classes they take.  Media have an impact on adolescents’ sexual and … Continue reading

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