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“It bleeds, it leads”

It is almost impossible to casually channel surf without coming across violent or aggressive behavior. According to the Media Education Foundation: Research shows media violence has not only increased in quantity, but is more graphic. A 2000 study by the … Continue reading

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New Year, Same Results?

In previous posts we have covered the three phases of media education in the United States: the inoculation phase, the facing-it phase, and the transitional phase. We have also discussed one of the earliest large scale study of media effects … Continue reading

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Protecting from Sexting (and other such ills of the technological world of today)

How can teachers and parents ensure the safety of their children while they are utilizing the tools of media literacy — cell phones, computers, social media sites …. ? First, parents and teachers must be aware of how children most … Continue reading

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Social Media and Media Literacy

According to Nielsen Americans spend about 6 hrs a month on social networks such as twitter and Facebook (“Time spent social networking up 82%”, 2010). Americans currently spend 23% of their time online on social networking sites (Hickey, 2010). Nielsen … Continue reading

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9th Grade Media Literacy Project: The More You Know…

This post is intended to offer instructors a Media Literacy project that will help teachers analyze media in a critical manner. “The More You Know (TMYK)” is a media literacy campaign by NBC that develops short PSA’s which educate adults … Continue reading

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Grand Scale Media Literacy Lesson: Online Newspapers

David Solon is the instructional technology coordinator for the Lancaster IU and he spoke to me about a great way of integrating media literacy with the high school curriculum at Penn Manor. See a clip of this interview: You can … Continue reading

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If there’s no toy, is it still happy?

It’s official.  If you live in San Francisco and you want your child to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal with a toy,  you can’t have one. San Francisco is the first major American city to effectively outlaw the toy-with-meal product … Continue reading

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