9th Grade Media Literacy Project: The More You Know…

This post is intended to offer instructors a Media Literacy project that will help teachers analyze media in a critical manner.

The More You Know (TMYK)” is a media literacy campaign by NBC that develops short PSA’s which educate adults and children on a wide variety of topics. Each PSA is aired for about 15-30 seconds and appear between commercials and programming during evenings and Saturday mornings.

Each TMYK illustrates a positive message about important topics related to health, education, and social well-being, however many of the PSA’s offer little to no beneficial information.

Often the short segment is used as an advertisement to promote a popular character or person from their television lineup. The quick TMYK features a leading figure from a sitcom drama, or late-night program that is supposed to educate the audience about their subject matter.

A review followed by a debate of the pros and cons of some of the TMYKs can enable students to determine how to differentiate between promotions and public service announcements, and learn techniques in the effectiveness of media.

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