Media Literacy Starts With You

What do you know about the media that you use?  Media literacy starts with you; the adult, the parent, the teacher.  In order for children to be more media literate, you need to be media literate yourself … and you need to be aware of trends in child usage of the media.

This blog has presented a multitude of information over the past couple of months about media literacy – and how to teach it – at a variety of ages and stages of life.  It, too, has offered information about how people (including children) use media.  Now, let’s test your knowledge … and perhaps provide even more information for you to utilize in your efforts.

Take this quiz, check your answers, and decide how much you know about how children use media.

How did you do?  Whatever your results, remember, technologies are ever evolving and that the process of understanding how we use such technologies is ongoing.  So, let us, the teachers and parents, continue to learn and grow and expand our knowledge of the media  so that we can better teach and support our children in this arena . 


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