Action Step 1: Support Community-Level Digital and Media Literacy Initiatives

As outlined in my previous post, development the first step in supporting Media Literacy includes the following step:

  1. Map existing community resources and offer small grants to promote community partnerships to integrate digital and media literacy competencies into existing programs.

The following is an example of central Pennsylvania programs implementing this step into resources and curriculum for media literacy in their education.

  1. CASA: CASA offers intensive instruction in visual art, dance, music, theatre, and film and video to qualified high school students in the CAIU (over 150 students from 24 different high schools). Located on the first floor of Strawberry Square, the school uses the city of Harrisburg as its “classroom”, affording its students access to the numerous resources located downtown, and utilizing a yearly theme based on the urban environment. CASA has worked as an extension of media literacy in an alternative educational environment that supports traditional academic settings. You can see examples of their success through the site’s gallery here.
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