Action Step 2-3: Digital and Media Literacy: a Plan of action

Digital and Media Literacy: a Plan of action

As outlined in my previous post, development of the second & third step in supporting Media Literacy includes the following steps:

  • Support a national network of summer learning programs to integrate digital and media literacy into public charter schools.
  • Support a Digital and Media Literacy (DML) Youth Corps to bring digital and media literacy to under-served communities and special populations via public libraries, museums and other community centers.

The following are examples of how central Pennsylvania programs can implement these steps into resources and curriculum for media literacy in their education.

  1. This summer Temple University will be hosting a national conference on Media Literacy supported by the media lab and in support of the NAMLE. Click here for sign up details and more information.
  2. This third option is a bit more difficult, but an excellent resource to develop here in Pennsylvania.  A great model program developing in New York is a program called Project LAMP. Project LAMP has organized after-school media literacy programs which involve the community and support the education outside of the classroom. They work with K-12 populations and develop media projects, which not only educate, but also serve a community service. Check out a community video produced by project participants involved in the LAMP organization.
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