Where do we go from here?

While news media is growing according to the 2010 State of the Media, there is no telling what people will need to know in order to continue to get their news in the future.

Will social media like Facebook and Twitter replace what we know and how we get our news? Will a new form of media come out that will revolutionize the industry? Or will all of the technology that has moved the news to Web suddenly die and call for a revolution back to print media, radio and television news?

While many of these scenarios are unlikely, one thing is for sure according to the 2010 State of the Media trends… The cutbacks in old media during the recession will ultimately affect today’s consumers of news as traditional media content still prevails be it on the Web or in print media. What that means for the consumer is while audience statistics show 80 percent of traffic online is to 7 percent of the tops news sites, many of the top news sites are tied to legacy media. When the legacy media cutback in the traditional media forms, it has an additional effect to what people will see online.

As for media literacy, right now while the industry is holding steady, there is nothing that needs to be changed on how people are understanding and getting their news. However, with the evolution of news and heading into the future that may all change.

2010 State of the Media Overview and Major Trends

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