Actions steps and High School Media Literacy Curriculum

The purpose of this blog has been in support of curriculum resources for media literacy in high school education. Outlined within this blog are ten action steps to help educators nationally and statewide integrate media literacy into their curriculum.

The action steps outlined within the High School section of this blog represent a national pledge to standardizing media literacy. These steps have been offered by a leading figure in media literacy advocacy, Renee Hobbs. Hobbs’ work supports standards proposed by NAMLE and The Center for Media Literacy, which are two integral organizations that promote the movement to include media literacy as a fundamental component of high school education.

The steps outlined throughout the blog include examples of how educational institutions have taken a step into including media literacy into their education, and will hopefully serve as a useful model of potential projects and resources that can help educators integrate the same useful information into their curriculum.

Thank you for your interest in the blog, and if you have additional questions or additional resources to contribute, please feel free to contact me.


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2 Responses to Actions steps and High School Media Literacy Curriculum

  1. Juli says:

    Great site, have used your ideas in my classroom

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