Conclusionary Statement

Through an evaluation of media literacy and looking toward the future, time will be one of the greatest indicators of how media literacy progresses. I think that educators, both on the collegiate and pre-collegiate spectrums, will play the greatest role in making sure media literacy is taught. Whether it is through hands on instruction or a new type of technology that will come forth to shed light on to the issue it is an issue that needs to be consistently addressed with evolving media.

For now, the technology drives new types of media through social networks and blogging. Where will media go next? This certainly can’t be the end of the line. It will be interesting to see how these subjects are taught in schools and at what grade levels. And the real question is will it ever be enough?

As time pushes technology forward, new research studies and projects should be proposed to see at what levels media literacy is strongest and where it could need work. Perhaps a hybrid of mediums will be the greatest strength in pushing literacy forward. Overall, it is an important issue that will need constant attention and only time will tell.

Looking to the future with optimism through courses taught in communities and by experts, I’m hoping this education will be enough and that those who follow behind us will pick up the torch and continue to make new discoveries in the future.

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