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Teaching and Learning Media Literacy

Parents and adults have a responsibility to teach children media literacy, even if they are not sure what media literacy is.  Media literacy is first and foremost an ability to understand mediated messages, to think through those messages so that … Continue reading

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Is playtime disappearing and being replaced by media?

Pediatricians and education experts insist that play is an essential part of young childhood.  It helps children develop socially, cognitively and physically.  Has media taken the essential art of play from our children? In a March/April 2009 article in the … Continue reading

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If there’s no toy, is it still happy?

It’s official.  If you live in San Francisco and you want your child to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal with a toy,  you can’t have one. San Francisco is the first major American city to effectively outlaw the toy-with-meal product … Continue reading

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Creating little consumers worldwide

In a previous post, Facing the Marketing Juggernaut, it was stated that children are targeted by many companies seeking not only to sell to children, but to create the next generation of consumers.   In most European countries, marketing to children … Continue reading

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Political Issues and Children

Politics can be confusing and frustrating enough for adults, and just imagine what that is like for a child who does not understand the issues or campaign methods. It is important to educate children about how to interpret, analyze and evaluate … Continue reading

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Targeting Children:  Facing the Marketing Juggernaut As noted in a previous post, children are – for the most part – watching television alone.  On any given day they see 100 commercials for food, clothing, and toys and games.   Advertisers spend … Continue reading

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Media Messages

 Navigating through a maze of media messages at home A 2005 study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Texas Children’s Digital Media Center makes clear that media is a constant presence in the lives of young children. … Continue reading

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