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The Importance of Media Literacy

“In the 21st Century, the century our children will live in — the century they will, in fact, shape — media literacy will not be a luxury; it will be a necessity.” Linda Ellerbee, journalist, television producer But why is … Continue reading

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Stereotyping in the News

What is a Stereotype?                   A stereotype is a belief about an individual or group that is based on the belief that everyone in that group will act the same way.  They are harmful because they judge people based … Continue reading

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Media Literacy Workshop for Middle School Girls

On Tuesday, November 16, a classmate from my Women and the Media class and I conducted a media literacy workshop for a group of 11 girls at the public middle school in Shippensburg, PA. We only had 75 minutes, so … Continue reading

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Media Literacy principles to develop grades 9-12.

Developing a curriculum for high school students must draw upon skills and lessons learned from a much earlier age. Opportunities that arise in secondary education allow students to progress their media literacy knowledge to a more advanced and mature level … Continue reading

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Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication is  a field of study that looks at how people from cultural backgrounds endeavor to communicator. It is also frequently referred to as cross-cultural communication. Intercultural communication here in this blog section refers to the information dissemination and cultural … Continue reading

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Media Messages

 Navigating through a maze of media messages at home A 2005 study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Texas Children’s Digital Media Center makes clear that media is a constant presence in the lives of young children. … Continue reading

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Many Adults on Social Networking Sites

                      Raising awareness of issues via outdated technologies is becoming increasingly difficult.  Many people have stopped reading most of their email messages.  According to a study conducted by Pew Internet, email open rates have dropped to 63% between the years … Continue reading

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