For my portion of our media literacy blog I would like to focus on the demographics and statistics of media literacy.  I would like to cover the statics of how education, race, age, sex, and socio economic status affects peoples media consumption and how media literate they are.  I’m curious to see what factors are most important to a person’s media consumption.  I believe that education will be the leading factor in an individual’s media literacy.  I do not however believe that it is the only factor.  I believe socio economic status, age, race, and sex will also lead to differences in an individual’s consumption.

There is an interesting article I found on a tech blog site called Gizmodo.  I would like to share it with whoever may be reading this blog. This article shows maps created biased on Census data.  “One dot equals 25 people, and each dot is color-coded by race; white is pink, black is blue, Hispanic is orange, and Asian is green.“  I find the concept fascinating.  This is a completely new way to look at data that has been collected for years.  I am hoping to link this data to media literacy in the coming weeks.  Looking at this data I became curios as to see if where you live, or what neighborhood you live in, has an effect on your media literacy.

I hope that in the in the coming weeks this blog help others to understand what media literacy is all about and how one can become more media literate.  My portion of this blog will focus on the demographics of media literacy.  My goal is to help intemperate the numbers and data into easier to understand information.  I also hope that this blog will help inspire others to become media literate and to understand the role of the media in their lives.


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