This section of the blog will focus on women and media literacy in order to disseminate information about the effects of media portrayals of women.

According to, media literacy “teaches people to analyze messages conveyed by the media, consider the commercial or political purpose of the image or message and who is responsible for it, and other ideas that it implies. It increases our ability to react to and appreciate (or not) media images and messages in a genuine and conscious way. It provides information and statistics on media and culture, and provides a set of tools for critical thinking which can be applied to any media “product” or setting” (2010). 

The media often portrays women in negative and limiting ways or with physical characteristics unattainable for most women.  These portrayals have negative effects on girls and women because many of them do not properly know how analyze these messages and photos.  This portion of this blog will explore the media’s representation of women, how these representations have traditionally affected women, and how media literacy can promote healthy body-image and self-esteem in women.


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    Found this resource under one of my resources, and thought it might be of interest to you:

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